Service Overview

When selling a home, we understand that presentation is everything. That’s why we’re proud to offer labor assistance or all your home staging needs. We’ll make sure every piece of furniture is perfectly placed to your liking or work directly with your home staging professional to ensure that your home meets your high expectations for selling.


How It Works?!

Teleport Movers provides the hourly labor to move, remove, and reposition items in your home at the direction of our clients or a home staging professional. We do not provide full service home staging, however, we do provide the muscle required to rearrange and position all of your furniture.

Whether you are planning to rent your property or a private seller, your Teleport Movers team will handle all the labor needed to complete your home staging project. As your moving labor and hourly labor service professionals, we stand by our commitment of guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We offer upfront pricing with no hidden or add-on fees and will always provide our customers with a detailed report of our rates and services. Our team of movers will cover all the heavy lifting, loading, unloading, and hauling so you never have to stress.

If you’re in search of a home staging service, contact Teleport Movers today and we’ll help recommend or find the right professional home stager online by checking out the following professional associations: